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A holiday guide to Cuba in maps

An interactive guide to many of Cuba’s most popular traveller destinations, laid out below in a series of themed maps.

Colonial towns and cities of Cuba

Thanks to the far reaching legacy of the Spanish empire, Cuba is home to a number of attractive and atmospheric colonial towns and cities. The nation’s capital, Havana, is the most famous of these colonial centres but you’ll find fascinating examples right across the island.

Cuban countryside and nature

One of the least developed countries in the world, Cuba is home to an abundance of varied and unspoiled countryside as well as a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Whether its trekking through the mountains, swimming in natural pools, horseriding through wetlands or taking in the island’s birdlife, Cuba is a nature lover’s dream.

Please note that there are national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty right across Cuba. The locations featured on the map below are those that also have a semblance of tourist infrastructure such as accommodation and reliable guide services.

Cuba’s beaches

Cuba is world famous for its beaches which can be found right across the island, from east to west and north to south. The majority of Cuba’s beach resorts are either on, or just off, its north coast and most hotels are All Inclusive although there are a spattering of options for those clients who prefer something a bit less commercial.

Our tip? That would be Trinidad, on the south coast, where you can combine great beaches with one of Cuba’s most beautiful and historic towns not to mention gorgeous surrounding countryside.

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