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  • Plaza San Juan de Dios in Camaguey, Cuba
    — Camaguey, Plaza San Juan
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  • Statue in Camaguey square, Cuba
    — Statue
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  • Rickshaws are popular with visitors to Camaguey in Cuba
    — Camaguey, Rickshaws
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  • A mural in Camaguey Cuba
    — Murals
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  • Colourful Ignacio Agramonte street in Camagüey, Cuba
    — Ignacio Agramonte
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  • Church of Nuestra Señora De La Soledad in Camagüey, Cuba
    — Nuestra Señora De La Soledad
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  • The church of Nuestra Senora de la Merced in Camaguey, Cuba
    — Nuestra Senora De La Merced
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  • Camaguey Cuba Che Guevara
    — Che poster
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  • The cemetery in Camaguey, Cuba
    — Cemetery
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  • Camaguey Cuba Casa De La Trova
    — Casa De La Trova
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  • Camaguey Cuba Building
    — Colonial Building
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  • The Santa Cecilia blue building in Camaguey, Cuba
    — Camaguey, Santa Cecilia
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  • The world renowned Camaguey ballet in Cuba
    — Camaguey Ballet
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  • A picturesque balcony in Camaguey, Cuba
    — Balcony
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  • A colourful block of buildings in Camaguey, Cuba
    — Colourful Camaguey
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  • Street art statues in Camaguey, Cuba
    — Street art
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One of Cuba's most underrated destinations

Considering how far inland the city is located, it is ironic that, more than any other town or city in Cuba, it is Camaguey’s layout that was designed to confuse marauding pirates.

One of the original Spanish settlements in Cuba, Camaguey settled in its current location in 1528. In stark contrast to the vast majority of Spanish colonial cities, which tend to follow the same very ordered structure, Camaguey is laid out in a seemingly chaotic mish mash of irregular streets heading in all directions and connecting with a multitude of squares of differing sizes. Getting lost is almost a given.

Although over-shadowed by the likes of Havana & Trinidad, the historic centre of Camaguey is also home to some outstanding and varied architecture, reflecting the different styles of its long history and ranging from neoclassical to art nouveau. In recognition of its unique heritage, Camaguey was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.

The surrounding countryside is almost entirely flat, sparsely populated and given over to cattle farming. The small resort of Santa Lucia is located an hour’s drive away on the north coast.

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Due to its location, anyone planning to travel the length of Cuba will pass through Camaguey and, because of the length of the drive to both east and west, an overnight is almost always required. In the past, most stays were just that, a simple overnight, but for anyone wanting to experience a less developed, more natural Cuban city, Camaguey could well be the best option.

Heading east, Camaguey is located approximately 3 hours’ drive from Bayamo and 5 hours from both Santiago & Guardalavaca. To the west, the city is approximately 3 hours’ drive from Sancti Spiritus and around 4 hours to both Santa Clara & Trinidad.

Any holiday that involves travelling the length of the island will include at least a night in Camaguey. For examples of such holidays, please refer to our Itineraries page and, in particular our 14 Night Cuba Tour and Historic Cuba.

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