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Museum of the Struggle Against Bandits

Museum Of Stuggle Against Bandits

Museum of the Struggle Against Bandits – it’s doesn’t really roll off the tongue, and the (eventual) website name will be a challenge, but this quirky museum in Trinidad is well worth a visit.

On the basis that history is the victor’s version of events, the ‘bandits’ in this instance refers to the counter revolutionaries who continued their defiance of Castro, Guevara and co in the nearby Escambray Mountains, even after General Batista had fled the country and it was clear who the winners were.

Opened in 1984, the museum is located a short walk from the Plaza Mayor and is housed in an old convent. Exhibits include a number of maps showing the progress of the ‘mopping up process, tales of acts of heroism and various artefacts including an army lorry. Unfortunately, none of the descriptions are in English.

Almost as enjoyable as the exhibits are the views from the museum. Climbing to the top of the bell tower affords wonderful views over Plaza Mayor (picture below), Trinidad and out to Playa Ancon while, at the other end of the building, the large open rooftop has great views north towards the foothills of the Escambray Mountains.

Entry is free and, although opening times can be flexible, as with the vast majority of museums in Cuba it is generally closed on Mondays. Full address – Calle Fernando Hernández esq. a Piro Guinart. Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus.

Plaza Mayor Trinidad

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