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The Best Restaurants in Guatemala City

A guide to the best restaurants in Guatemala City.

Best Restaurants Guatemala City

When it comes to fine dining in Latin America, most people might automatically look towards the usual foodie hotspots of Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and, of course, Peru.

But Guatemala? And, more specifically, Guatemala City? Possibly not. The city is hardly a business hub to compete with the likes of Mexico City or Sao Paulo. Nor is it a tourist destination such as Rio, Buenos Aires or Lima.

Indeed, most visitors to Guatemala tend to go out of their way to avoid Guatemala City and, instead, head straight between the international airport and the UNESCO awarded charms of nearby Antigua.

It therefore came as something of a surprise to outsiders when, at the recent 2022 ‘World’s Best Restaurant’ awards (held in Merida, in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula), 4 of the top 100 restaurants in the Latin America section came from Guatemala City.

They are as follows:

At No 81 – Mercado 24

At No 51 – Flor de Lis

At No 47 – Diaca

At No 31 – Sublime

Sublime Restaurant Guatemala City

Having not visited any of the 4 restaurants in question, we aren’t able to provide any personal tips or recommendations.

However, we were particularly struck by Sublime, whose self-description of what they have set out to achieve is as follows (all images courtesy of Sublime).

“We are a restaurant that tells stories to awaken and spread the pride of being a Guatemalan. We feel confident in the Guatemalan flavor and ingredients to reinforce our cultural identity. Sublime portrays Guatemala’s essence through a tasting menu conceptualized by chef Sergio Díaz and the anthropologist Jocelyn Degollado, that helps us to  understanding of how food intertwines with the country’s iconic events.

We have 12-course tasting menu our actual menu is inspired by the seven regions of Guatemala,  we take a tour through the most recognized places of each region and their traditional flavors and ingredients.

We also have á la carte menu  begins with dishes inspired by pre-Columbian times, passes through Spanish colonial syncretism or mestizaje, and ends with the flavors of the present, inviting diners to distil their own reflections on the future.

Sublime is located in Guatemala City in the heart of zone 14. The venue is host to different spaces, from outdoor tables to private dining rooms, with guests often able to enjoy a direct view of the semi-open kitchen. The walls are covered with contemporary art by recognized Central America artists”.

To discuss ideas for a holiday to Guatemala, including how to incorporate a night in the capital, we first suggest a visit to the Itineraries section of our website, where you will find just a handful of potential ideas, followed by a more detailed phone and or email discussion with one of our team.

Chef Sergio Diaz Guatemala


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