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  • Cuban Parakeets in the Zapata Peninsula
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  • Mangrove swamp in the Zapata Peninsula of Cuba
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  • Mangrove forest in the Zapata Peninsula
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  • Hotel Guama in the Zapata Peninsula
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  • Fisherman in the Zapata Peninsula, Cuba
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  • Cueva De Los Pesces in the Zapata Peninsula, Cuba
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  • Boat trip in the Zapata Peninsula
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  • Cuban Bee Hummingbird in the Zapata Peninsula
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  • Cuban crocodiles in the Zapata Peninsula, Cuba
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  • Cuban Tree Rat Or Hutia in the Zapata Peninsula
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  • Cuban Slider Turtle in the Zapata Peninsula
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  • Cottages at Villa Guama resort and replica Taino village
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Cuba's largest protected natural habitat

Accounting for the majority of southern Matanzas province, the Zapata Peninsula is a vast, low-lying wilderness comprising of swamps, lagoons and very little else, especially human activity.

Home to much of Cuba’s most important flora and fauna, the majority of the Zapata Peninsula comes under the protected auspices of the Ciénaga de Zapata Unesco Biosphere Reserve, known locally as the Gran Parque Natural Montemar. Not only is it the largest protected area in the entire Caribbean but also one of the most important in the Americas.

The Zapata Peninsula is especially popular with birdwatchers as it is home to some 175 species, many of them endemic such as the Zapata Wren, Zapata Rail and Zapata sparrow. The area is also home to the Bee Hummingbird, the world’s smallest species of bird.

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Birdwatching aside (and we can arrange guided tours of the area), exploring the Zapata Peninsula’s interior is very difficult, in part a testament to efforts to protect the area’s natural habitat, but also a reflection of the lack of investment in eco-tourism across Cuba.

One of the few easily undertaken trips within the area is the boat trip across the lagoon at Guama, a short drive south of the main highway linking Havana & Santiago de Cuba. The boat trip is enjoyable enough and includes time at a fun, if slightly naff, replica Taino village.

Due south of Guama is the world-famous Bay of Pigs where an insurgent invading force supported by the CIA came-a-cropper. Considering what an important part this period plays in Cuban history, most visitors are surprised at just how little the event is marked in terms of museums, displays etc. You’ll need to use your imagination.

For anyone in the area, the Bay of Pigs area is home to two lovely beaches at Playa Larga & Playa Giron, as well as some excellent (much of it off-the-beaten-track) snorkelling locations, including the Cueva de los Peces.

For details of holiday ideas featuring the Zapata Peninsula, please visit our Itineraries page as well as the page on Touring Transfers which include a stop off in the region enroute from Havana to Cienfuegos / Trinidad as well as from Vinales to Cienfuegos.

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