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Santiago De Cuba

  • Steel band in Santiago de Cuba
    — Santiago, steel band
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  • San Pedro De La Roca Fort outside Santiago de Cuba
    — Santiago, San Pedro De La Roca Fort
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  • Ayuntamiento, Santiago de Cuba
    — Santiago, City Hall
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  • El Cobre church near Santiago de Cuba
    — El Cobre
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  • Small boat passing under San Pedro fort in Santiago de Cuba
    — Santiago, San Pedro fort
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  • Santiago De Cuba Cuba Cathedral
    — Santiago, Cathedral
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  • Boys playing dominos in Santiago de Cuba
    — Santiago, dominos
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  • Cayo Granma in Santiago Bay, Cuba
    — Santiago, Cayo Granma
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  • Interior of cathedral in Santiago de Cuba
    — Santiago, Cathedral interior
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  • Santiago De Cuba Casa Diego Velazquez
    — Santiago, Casa Diego Velazquez
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  • Santiago De Cuba Cannon
    — Santiago, cannon
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  • Palacio Provincial in Santiago de Cuba
    — Santiago, Palacio Provincial
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  • La Gran Piedra near Santiago de Cuba
    — La Gran Piedra
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  • Bacardi Museum in Santiago de Cuba
    — Santiago, Bacardi Museum
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  • Santa Ifigenia cemetery in Santiago de Cuba
    — Santiago, Santa Ifigenia cemetery
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  • Parque Cespedes in Santiago de Cuba
    — Santiago, Parque Cespedes
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  • The house where Fidel Castro once lived in Santiago de Cuba
    — Santiago, Castro's old home
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  • The Moncada Barracks Museum in Santiago de Cuba
    — Santiago, Moncada Barracks
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  • Man in shop, Santiago de Cuba
    — Santiago, shop
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  • Flags on colonial building in Santiago de Cuba
    — Santiago, 26th July celebrations
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  • Spanish steps in Santiago de Cuba
    — Santiago, Spanish Steps
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Cuba's most Caribbean and musical city

Santiago de Cuba might be the island’s second largest city, but it’s probably best that you don’t mention that while you’re there.

While only a fraction of the size of Havana, the citizens of Santiago de Cuba are fiercely proud of their city and, in many ways – be it ethnicity, traditions or temperament – very different.

More ethnically mixed than other parts of the island, Santiago de Cuba could be considered as the New Orleans of Cuba, notable as much for its rich cultural heritage of music and dance as it is for its equally varied architectural styles.

For those with an interest in modern Cuban history, Santiago de Cuba is regarded as the birthplace of the Cuban Revolution and visits to both the Moncada Barracks (where the Revolution began) and City Hall (where Fidel Castro declared final victory) are a must for enthusiasts.

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Other notable attractions in and around the city include the old Bacardi factory and museum, Parque Cespedes, the first Cathedral in Cuba and Morro Castle (aka San Pedro de la Roca fort) which protects the entrance to the bay.

The wider province of Santiago de Cuba is also home to some of Cuba’s most dramatic scenery in and around the Sierra Maestra although opportunities for exploring it are, for now at least, frustratingly undeveloped. One such attraction that can be easily visited is La Gran Piedra, high in the hills to the east of the city.

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