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  • Mist over the Vinales Valley in Cuba
    — Vinales Valley
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  • Tobacco farmer harvesting leaves in Vinales, Cuba
    — Vinales, Harvest
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  • Vinales Valley in Cuba at sunrise
    — Vinales, sunrise
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  • A rustic, old bridge in Vinales, Cuba
    — Vinales, rustic bridge
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  • Organic farm and restaurant with a view in Vinales, Cuba
    — Organic farm & restaurant
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  • Mural of Pre-History in Vinales, Cuba
    — Vinales, Mural of Pre-History
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  • The main street running through Vinales town
    — Vinales, main street
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  • Rocking chairs in traditional Vinales house
    — Vinales, traditional house
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  • Horseback riding in Vinales, Cuba
    — Vinales, horseback riding
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  • Hiking in the Vinales Valley, Cuba
    — Vinales, hiking
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  • Traditional, small house in Vinales
    — Vinales, traditional house
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  • Vinales Cuba Cueva Del Indio
    — Vinales, Cueva Del Indio
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  • Church in the centre of Vinales town, Cuba
    — Vinales, church
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  • Cayo Jutias Beach near Vinales, Cuba
    — Vinales, Cayo Jutias
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  • Vinales Cuba Bird
    — Vinales, birdlife
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  • Traditional Vinales tobacco barn and transport
    — Vinales, tobacco barn
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  • Small farmhouse in the Vinales countryside, Cuba
    — Vinales. traditional house
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  • Quiet Vinales street in early morning
    — Vinales, town
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  • Vinales Cuba Tobacco Barn
    — Vinales, tobacco Barn
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  • Vinales Cuba Goat Carriage
    — Vinales, goat carriage
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Home to stunning, natural scenery and world-famous tobacco

The Vinales Valley is located some 2 hours’ drive west of Havana and is home to some of Cuba’s most beautiful countryside as well as the tobacco that goes into its world famous cigars.

Surrounded by the steep-sided hills of the Sierra de los Organos, the Vinales Valley is an outstanding karst landscape whose stand-out feature is the limestone mogotes that rise sheer from the valley floor and reaching heights of up to 300 metres.

The Vinales Valley is also home to an extensive network of limestone caves, some of which, such as the Cueva del Indio, are open to visitors. The nearby coastline is largely mangrove although the small, connected island of Cayo Jutias has a pleasant, sandy beach with good swimming.

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The natural beauty of the Vinales Valley is, if anything, further enhanced by the sympathetic, low-key human development which has left the region looking largely unchanged since initial colonisation in the early 19th century. Nowhere is this more true than in the bucolic little town of Vinales, the only settlement for miles around, and still displaying its original layout, a charming main street and numerous, characterful one storey homes with their traditional porches.

There are numerous walking tours of the Vinales Valley and the surrounding countryside while horse-riding and cycling can also be arranged. The area is also home to a wide variety of birdlife and expert guides are on hand. With so much tobacco grown in and around the area, those interested in Cuban cigars will also find themselves very much in their element.

With its relative proximity to Havana, the Vinales Valley is a popular day trip destination from the Cuban capital although, for those with time, we would recommend staying at least a couple of nights.

For an idea as to how Vinales can be incorporated into a Cuba holiday, please refer to our dedicated Itineraries page where there are a number of suggested itineraies. Naturally, Vinales is also included in our set, group tours such as the 7 Night Cuba Tour.

Clients who include Vinales on a tailor made itinerary also have the option to pre-book a number of local Trips (excursions) that we offer in the area.

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