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Oxkintok is a Mayan site located within the Puuc Hills, a region that is home to multiple similar sites, the most famous of which is undoubtedly Uxmal.

While there is evidence of human habitation dating back over two thousand years, the city only came to prominence from the Middle to Late Classic Period, aka 650 – 900 AD. However, as with many other population centres in the region (some of which were uncharacteristically close), by the time the Spanish arrived in the 16th century it was already abandoned.

Oxkintok then remained largely forgotten and ‘undiscovered’ until the 19th century when various explorers, including Frederick Catherwood, visited the site.

While some, small-scale reconstruction took place in the early 20th century, it wasn’t until more recently, ie the 1980s, that any major work was undertaken at the site.

Today, this small site remains only partially excavated and pales in comparison to the likes of Uxmal & Chichen Itza.

Oxkintok Mexico

Both because of this, and because of the large number of Mayan sites nearby, Oxkintok receives very few visitors. Should you decide to visit, especially out of high season, there is every chance that you will have the site entirely to yourself which, if you have been to Chichen Itza, will come as something of a relief.

Located close to the small town of Maxcanu, roughly midway between the wonderful colonial-era cities of Merida & Campeche, both of which are strong visitor draws, Oxkintok is just a few minutes’ drive east of Highway 180, making it an easy visit for anyone driving between the two.

Facilities at the site are limited (and you may not wish to use the loo) so do take that into consideration and make sure you have plenty of wate.

For those with time, the famous Calcehtok Caves are nearby, the Celestun Biosphere a bit further.

While accommodation in the area is relatively limited, there is a choice of accommodation at Uxmal as well as the wonderful Hacienda Santa Rosa (pictured below) just to the west.

Hacienda Near Oxkintok

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