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Tailor made travel around Cuba

With far more to offer than just countless beautiful beaches, the potential scope for Cuba multi centre holidays is simply enormous.

And because all Beyond The Ordinary holidays are tailor made to clients’ individual requirements, there are thousands of options that we can arrange.

It simply comes down to how much, or how little, you wish to see and do while in Cuba.


Havana is one of the world’s great travel destinations and makes for the perfect start point on any Cuba multi centre holiday.

With almost all scheduled Cuba flights arriving and departing from Havana it also couldn’t be easier to incorporate the city into your plans.

Beyond The Ordinary arrange fully bonded, tailor made holidays and tours to Cuba. Contact one of our experts on 01580 764796, email or contact us via our website.

There is no right or wrong amount of time to spend in Havana, that depends on how long you have on holiday and your personal preferences but, if possible, we would always recommend four days.

Cuba multi centre including Havana

Twin centre Cuba holidays

The most popular Cuba multi centre holiday is the Twin Centre. Typically, that means combining Havana with time at the beach (although there is nothing to stop you combining two cities or the city and the countryside).

As Cuba is such a large island (almost 1,000kms in length) and Havana is located in the far west, there are clearly some logistical issues to consider when planning a twin centre holiday.

The beach resorts of Jibacoa (1 hour – image below), Varadero (2 hours), Cayos de Villa Clara and Trinidad (both 5 hours) can all be reached by road from Havana without too much inconvenience.

Jibacoa Twin Centre

However, the likes of Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Guardalavaca are simply too far from Havana to make driving an option and therefore require domestic flights while Cayo Largo, in the Caribbean, can only be reached by air.

While the 5-hour drive might put some people off, our personal recommendation would be to combine Havana & Trinidad.

Why? Well, Trinidad is the only place in Cuba (and we really mean the only place) where one can combine the beach with further sightseeing. The recent addition of the new Melia Trinidad hotel also means that, at long last, the area features a beach hotel that we can confidently recommend.

Trinidad beach on a Cuba multi centre holiday

Three centre Cuba holidays

Twin centre holidays are undoubtedly the most popular option but, with so much variety, we would always recommend seeing as much of the island as possible.

While a 7-night holiday is too short to consider anything more complicated, for those visiting the island for 10 nights or more, visiting three destinations is where Cuba multi centre holidays start to become interesting.

With Havana and the beach bookending the holiday, the third destination would generally fit in-between the two and could include a town, the countryside or even another beach.

Again, we must stress that because all our holidays are entirely tailor made, there are thousands upon thousands of potential combinations that we can suggest. Below are just some very rough, outline ideas.

10 Nights – 4 nights Havana, 2 nights Vinales, 4 nights Cayo Levisa

11 Nights – 4 nights Havana, 2 nights Cienfuegos, 5 nights Trinidad beach

11 nights – 4 nights Havana, 3 nights Trinidad, 4 nights Jibacoa

14 nights – 4 nights Havana, 3 nights Vinales, 7 nights Trinidad beach

14 nights – 4 nights Havana, 4 nights Trinidad, 6 nights Cayos de Villa Clara

Cuba multi centre featuring Trinidad

Four centre Cuba holidays

If you’re short of time and / or don’t mind fairly frequent packing and unpacking, it is possible to squeeze four different destinations into an 11 night, Cuba multi centre holiday. There is no doubt however that having the standard 2 weeks / 14 nights would feel rather less rushed.

Potential options for a four centre holiday might look something like this…..

11 Nights – 3 nights Havana, 1 night Cienfuegos, 2 nights Trinidad, 5 nights Jibacoa

14 Nights – 4 nights Havana, 2 nights Vinales, 2 nights Las Terrazas, 6 nights Cayo Levisa

14 Nights – 4 nights Havana, 3 nights Vinales, 2 nights Cienfuegos, 5 nights Trinidad beach

14 Nights – 4 nights Havana, 1 night Cienfuegos, 3 nights Trinidad, 6 nights Varadero

14 Nights – 4 nights Havana, 3 nights Trinidad, 1 night Santa Clara, 6 nights Cayos de Villa Clara

While these options all start with Havana and end with the beach, it is also possible to start and finish with the beach with the touring part of the multi centre holiday in the middle, ie

14 Nights – 3 nights Jibacoa, 4 nights Havana, 3 nights Trinidad, 4 nights Varadero

Vinales mogotes at dawn

Extended Cuba multi centre holidays

Beyond four centre holidays, it is not unusual for us to arrange Cuba multi centre holidays that range from five to ten different destinations.

You will find detailed examples of such holidays in our Itineraries page although, again, these are just the tip of the (tropical) iceberg.

View to sea from Cienfuegos fort





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