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  • Ek Balam Visit
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  • Boats at Rio Lagartos in Mexico
    — Rio Lagartos
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  • Ruined church on the Convent Route in Yucatan
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  • Celestun Tour
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  • Stone carving in the Puuc Hills
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  • A flamingo in-flight at Cesletun near Merida
    — Celestun, near Merida
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  • The Mayan city of Edzna near Campeche
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Lesser Known Destinations of the Yucatan Peninsula

In addition to our key, featured destinations, both in the interior and at the beach, the Yucatan Peninsula contains a number of out-of-the way towns, villages, haciendas, Mayan sites and beaches that together form an equally important part of our holiday programme.

Details of many of these additional destinations can be found in the Features section of our website. For example….

Smaller, lesser-known Mayan sites such as those at Coba, Ek Balam, Ake, Mayapan, Edzna, Becan and the various sites to be found in the Puuc Hills surrounding Uxmal.

The nature reserves of Rio Lagartos & Celestun which are home to some of the region’s best birdwatching opportunities.

Sometimes, a destination of note might encompass a number of small, connected towns such as with the Convent Route and the towns of Acanceh, Tecoh, Telchaquillo, Tekit, Mama, Chumayel & Teabo.

Of course, many visitors to the region are also attracted by its fantastic beaches but are looking for something quieter and less commercial than is generally on offer, such as at El Cuyo & Sian Ka’an.

Sometimes, these little-known destinations are notable not because they have any intrinsic tourist value in themselves, but simply because they are home to hotels of note. You’ll find more information about such hotels on our General Accommodation page.

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