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Driving Times In Cuba

At over 1000kms long, and by far the largest island in the Caribbean, driving times in Cuba are often far greater than many people anticipate. To that end, I have put together this very broad guide to non-stop, driving times between some of the key tourist destinations.

These driving times are based on travel by car during daylight hours (driving at night by tourists is not recommended anywhere in Cuba due to a lack of street lighting) and in dry conditions; driving in the dark and /or in wet conditions can take substantially longer.

As of 1st December 2020, please note too that petrol in Cuba can only be paid for by card.

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As an example of a potential self-drive holiday, please have a look at our suggested Western Cuba Fly Drive.

A empty highway in Pinar del Rio, Cuba

This is a Cuban highway

Driving Times From Havana

Approximate driving times from Havana are as follows:

Havana to Vinales 2hrs

Havana to Las Terrazas 1hr

Havana to Palma Rubia (for Cayo Levisa) 2hrs

Havana to Jibacoa 1hr

Havana to Varadero 2hrs

Havana to Cienfuegos 3hrs

Havana to Bay of Pigs 3hrs

Havana to Trinidad 4hrs

Havana to Santa Clara 3hrs

Havana to Cayo Santa Maria 5hrs

A hire car in the Vinales Valley, Cuba

Driving Times From Vinales

Approximate driving times from Vinales are as follows:

Vinales to Maria La Gorda 2hrs

Vinales to Las Terrazas 1hr

Vinales to Cienfuegos 5hrs

Vinales to Trinidad 6hrs

Vinales to Varadero 4hrs

A road running alongside the Bay of Cienfuegos

The Bay of Cienfuegos

Driving Times From Cienfuegos

Approximate driving times from Cienfuegos are as follows:

Cienfuegos to Bay of Pigs 1 ½ hrs

Cienfuegos to Santa Clara 2hrs

Cienfuegos to Trinidad 1hr

Cienfuegos to Sancti Spiritus 2hrs

Cienfuegos to Havana 3hrs

Cienfuegos to Varadero 3hrs

A typical Cuban village in the Escambray Mountains

En-route from Trinidad to Santa Clara

Driving Times From Trinidad

Approximate driving times from Trinidad are as follows:

Trinidad to Santa Clara 3hrs

Trinidad to Sancti Spiritus 1hr

Trinidad to Remedios 4hrs

Trinidad to Cayo Santa Maria 5hrs

Trinidad to Cayo Coco 5hrs

Trinidad to Camaguey 5hrs

Trinidad to Havana 4hrs

Trinidad to Varadero 4hrs

Driving Times From Santa Clara

Approximate driving times from Santa Clara are as follows:

Santa Clara to Camaguey 3hrs

Santa Clara to Remedios 1hr

Santa Clara to Cayo Santa Maria 2hrs

The causeway linking mainland Cuba and Cayo Santa Maria

The causeway to Cayo Santa Maria

Driving Times From Camaguey

Approximate driving times from Camaguey are as follows:

Camaguey to Santa Lucia 90 mins

Camaguey to Bayamo 3hrs

Camaguey to Santiago 5hrs

Camaguey to Guardalavaca 5hrs

Camaguey to Trinidad 5hrs

Camaguey to Santa Clara 3hrs

Aerial shot of one of Guardalavaca's beautiful beaches


Driving Times From Guardalavaca

Approximate driving times from Guardalavaca are as follows:

Guardalavaca to Holguin 1hr

Guardalavaca to Camaguey 5hrs

Guardalavaca to Baracoa 5hrs

Guardalavaca to Santiago 3hrs

The Spanish steps at Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

Driving Times From Santiago de Cuba

Approximate driving times from Santiago de Cuba are as follows:

Santiago to Baracoa 3hrs

Santiago to Bayamo 2hrs

Santiago to Holguin 2hrs

Santiago to Guardalavaca 3hrs

Santiago to Camaguey 5hrs

Santiago to Guantanamo 1hr

Driving Times From Baracoa

Approximate driving times from Baracoa are as follows:

Baracoa to Santiago 3hrs

Baracoa to Guantanamo 2hrs

Baracoa to Guardalavaca 5hrs

Baracoa to Holguin 6hrs

Crossing over a river on the way to Baracoa

For ideas and suggestions relating to the best routes to take, check out our feature on the best drives in Cuba.

You might also wish to read our feature summarising the roads and highways of Cuba.

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